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Mark Salva

I was there, on the sideline as a student assistant coach, What happened was that It was the first game of the year and Miami came out and ran a defense that they never showed before. It was a ton of the "bear" look, the Chicago Bears 33 defense. The concept hadn't made it to college much yet, we never really saw it ever until that night. With that scheme and UM's personnel coupled with our inexperience going against it was a "perfect storm" (pun intended). We know now the way to beat it is to go spread and run a lot of quick, short drop, man beaters since the base is cov 0 or cov 1 and run the "A" gaps. But we were a 2 back "I" and "split back" team and that defensive scheme crushed us.

Doc Lawrence

I was there and Miami had our offensive line for supper. In all fairness, Miami had just as much talent (NFL draft supports this observation) and there were distractions galore. Celebrity luncheons, glitz and glitter that overshadowed preparation. Jimmy Johnson had his team beautifully prepared. As usual, 'Cane fans, who never support their team, were vulgar and one, who got too close to my date's face, ate a portable stadium seat. I stuck the season out and we had a great one after such a terrible start.

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