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Bob Perrone

Great interview! I'd like to add one thing about the championship game. FSU scored its run in the top of the fifth inning when FSU pitcher, Pat Osburn, hit a grounder back to the USC pitcher who threw the ball into right field. The only problem was while Osburn was running to first his right knee collapsed and he was carried to the locker room. That was a huge loss as Osburn finished the year with a 12-2 record and a 0.92 ERA with six complete games in 17 starts. John Ferguson replaced him and kept the Trojans in check until the 7th with two outs when he hit a batter and threw two balls to the next guy. He was replaced by Mike Slade who finished walking the batter and gave up a hit which scored USC's first run. Then Mac Scarce came in and struck out the next batter. Scarce then worked seven scoreless innings including retiring 13 in a row at one point and striking out nine – he had never worked longer then two innings at a time before that. In the 15th he either walked a batter or gave up a hit, but he had to leave the game because of a blister on his index finger. USC got a couple of hits and won the game 2-1. So we were unlucky twice in that game - great starting pitcher injured in a freak accident and great reliever knocked out because of a blister!

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